Redundancy and casual employment

The FWC took a broad view of “continuous service” last week and requires certain previous casual employment to be taken into account when calculating redundancy pay. A period of “regular and systematic casual employment” may be “continuous employment.” Employers are advised to seek advice when changing the status of employees or risk not discharging their […]

Workplace Bullying Victoria

WORKPLACE BULLYING VICTORIA Workers who think they’re being bullied at work can apply to the Fair Work Commission for an order to stop the bullying. Workplace bullying can also be a breach of health and safety laws. State and territory health and safety organisations may decide to respond to complaints about workplace bullying and can […]

Redundancy Laws

REDUNDANCY WHEN DOES A REDUNDANCY HAPPEN? Redundancy under the National Employment Standards happens when an employer either: decides they no longer want an employee’s job to be done by anyone and terminates their employment (except in cases of ordinary and customary turnover of labour – which depends on the relevant circumstances), or becomes insolvent or […]

Richmond Star visits PH Solicitor Offices

On 31st July, 2015 Richmond player Nathan Foley spoke at the office opening drinks for PH Solicitor. He spoke about Damien Hardwick’s analytical and measured approach to coaching that has seen Richmond FC climb into the top 4 this year.

A Quick Guide to Drug Offences

If you or someone you know has been charged with a drug offence here’s a quick guide to the relevant definitions and penalties you can expect. Drug offences include a number of categories of varying seriousness, each attracting a different penalty. Categories of major drug offences include: 1. Use The definitions of “use” includes smoking, […]

Sentencing results – How to get a better result

Don’t leave your sentencing results to chance. Take full advantage of your lawyer’s expertise in sentencing law to ensure you get the best result possible. Your solicitor will prepare and present submissions to the court concerning the circumstances of your case with the aim of obtaining the most lenient and appropriate sentence available to you. […]

5 things every employee should know about employment contracts

If you’re about to start a new job or are in the process of renegotiating your current employment contract, here are a few things you should consider. 1. Don’t start work until you sign. If you’re a new employee, you should never start work until you’ve signed an Employment Contract. If you’ve been handed a […]