Employment Law

Whether you represent an ASX listed company, are an executive or non-executive employee or an independent contractor, PH Solicitors has the extensive expertise in Victorian Employment Law you need to achieve the best possible outcomes.

We can advise you on the full range legal areas under the employment law umbrella including:

Employment Law Handbook:  A Basic Guide for Business $20.00

The Employment Law Handbook is an easy-to-understand guide to the Australian Fair Work Act.

The Handbook has been specifically designed to help businesses to manage their employees more effectively and safeguard their rights as an employer.


  1. The 10 National Employment Standards
    (Maximum weekly hours, flexible working arrangements, annual leave, parental leave, personal leave, community service leave, long service leave, public holidays, notice of termination, redundancy)
  2. Unfair dismissal
  3. Anti-bullying provisions
  4. General protections / Adverse action

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