Workplace Bullying & Harassment

Bullying and harassment in the workplace is unacceptable.  If you are a victim of bullying and harassment, it has the potential to damage your career, health and peace of mind.

Bullying at work occurs when a person or a group of people are repeatedly and unreasonably treated, and this creates a risk to health and safety.

Bullying involves:

  • aggressive or intimidating conduct
  • spreading of malicious rumours
  • teasing, practical jokes or ‘initiation ceremonies’
  • exclusion from work-related events
  • unreasonable work expectations, including too much or too little work, or work below or beyond a worker’s skill level
  • displaying offensive material, and
  • pressure to behave in an inappropriate manner.

If you are being bullied at work you can apply to the Fair Work Commission to get an order to stop it.

You might also have a claim under Victorian health and safety and equal opportunity legislation.

Paul Horvath Solicitor has extensive experience in providing legal advice and representation for both employees and employers in bullying and harassment claims.

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