Casual Employee Entitlement Court Decision Could be Overturned by New Laws

Casual Employee

May 22, 2020

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“Casuals Court Decision Could be Overturned by New Laws”

Not surprisingly, the government has said it will look to overturn yesterdays Federal court decision in Workpac Rosato with legislation, as the decision could have far reaching affects on many businesses already struggling under COVID-19.  The Federal Attorney General Christian Porter said he will consider specifying under new laws a right to convert casual employees into permanent staff after a set period of time, which could be after 12 months regular and systematic work.  He described the decision as creating “uncertainty in[to] the employment market” at a time of seeking to regrow employment.  This will provide much needed clarity on this issue for all employers.  Separately, The Fair Work Commission said it was dealing with 70% more unfair dismissal claims now than compared to the same time last year.