Workplace Bullying & Harassment

The workplace must be somewhere people are treated equally, fairly and without prejudice. Every person who participates in the workplace has the right to be treated with respect and fairness in an environment that is safe. For a victim of bullying and harassment, affects can be devastating; it has the potential to damage their career, health and peace of mind.

Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying are damaging to everyone concerned as well as to the workplace itself. Negative behaviours left unaddressed by management and all staff will lead to issues of people resigning as well as a public perception that affects business growth.

Workplace bullying and harassment can occur in any workplace regardless of its size. It is vital for employers to understand their obligations to provide a safe work environment and how to manage employees under these circumstances.

Bullying occurs where a person or group of people are repeatedly and unreasonably treated, and this creates a risk to health and safety. Bullying will likely interfere with both the victim and perpetrator’s performance in the work as well as contribute negatively to the work environment. Employers need to manage both the personal circumstances of the victim, (which are of most importance), and also consider how bullying and harassment is affecting their overall workplace.

Harassment occurs when a person is treated less favourably due to certain personal characteristics such as race, sex, pregnancy, age, religion or sexual orientation. It is important for any business to develop a clear workplace policy provides clear expectations and guidelines for both employers and employees. This needs to be communicated clearly and broadly across the business.

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