About us

The PH Solicitor team are seasoned professionals who represent employees and employers in cases dealing with employment and workplace law in Victoria. We assist sole traders, small business, enterprise business and employees with settling or litigating redundancy and unfair dismissal cases; workplace harassment or discrimination cases; and provide general employment and workplace counsel.

Seasoned Professionals

As a seasoned veteran of the law, Paul Horvath has been practicing for over a quarter of a century. He holds a double Bachelor’s degree in Law and Arts from Monash University.

Paul leads an experienced team of consummate legal professionals. PH Solicitor supports employers and employees with Fair Work dealings and employment contracts, as well as representing decision makers or business owners in breaches of the Occupational Health and Safety act and instances of workplace discrimination or sexual harassment.


The Law Institute Victoria (LIV) is a legal society in the Australian state of Victoria.

It is the professional association for solicitors in Victoria, making rules to regulate their practice, and representing them to governments and other bodies.

Our Team

Paul Horvath


Paul Horvath is the Principal of PH Solicitor located in Melbourne.

Jackie Chan


Jackie is passionate about helping clients with their employment law matters

Shona Lethbridge

Personal Assistant

Shona has over 20 years of experience in the legal industry.

Jennifer Razga


Jennifer supports the legal practitioners with marketing, business development.

Chris Rogers


Chris is a Chartered Engineer and Associate of the Institute for Independent Business.