Let’s talk Mental Health and wellbeing in the Legal Profession

December 4, 2020

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We are very grateful for the opportunity to co-author this feature piece for the Law Institute of Victoria‘s December edition of the Law Institute Journal with Paul Horvath and Ines Perkovic.

It has been a trying and tumultuous year for us all, and in an industry already laden with stress, it is crucial that we take the time to speak about mental health and wellbeing in the legal profession.

The risks of not doing so are evident. Consequences include high employee turnover; increased presenteeism, use sick leave and personal leave; increases in WorkCover and general protections applications against employers, among others.

The goal is to create workplace and industry cultures which are supportive of mental health and wellbeing. When people feel supported and valued at work, the quality of their work and their engagement increases. This can only benefit our colleagues, our clients and our profession.

We offer practical advice to firms and organisations on steps that they can take to improve wellbeing in their workplaces, regardless of their size or available resources.

Often, all it takes is a conversation to make a difference. We hope to be part of starting that conversation, and supporting others in doing the same in their workplaces.

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