Appointment of Megan Fulford as Wellbeing Manager of the Law Institute of Victoria

April 10, 2021

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PH Solicitor welcomes the appointment of Megan Fulford as Wellbeing Manager of the Law Institute of Victoria.  As a trained psychologist and extensive experience in emergency services Ms Fulford will be a welcome addition to the team to address mental health in the legal profession.

Ms Fulford drew on Paul Horvath’s comments around mental health in her welcome address as published in the Law Institute Journal, April 2021.

“……Part of the rationale for addressing these issues could be that employers are exposing themselves to liability if they neglect employee mental health.  Employment Lawyer Paul Horvath says that while a certain amount of stress is acceptable in the workplace, there is a fine line between being driven and inspired by stressors, and finding oneself dragged down by a high pressure environment including, he says “long hours, the pressure to meet billables and generate business for the firm, tight (and often unexpected) deadlines, an unbalanced workload, the pressure to deliver the best outcome to our clients no matter the circumstances and rapidly changing technologies (made evident by the pandemic)”.

Employers and managers must be the drivers of cultural change within their workplace, Mr Horvath says.  “Those that ignore this issue face significant risks of breaching legislation, duty of care and company policies, and a demotivated workforce in the long term.””

For Paul’s full article please click here.

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