Recent Case Wins

March 16, 2018

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Paul Horvath and the team have been involved in some recent cases with successful outcomes.  Here are a few:

  • Acting for a husband accused of an assault on his wife at both the Magistrates Court level, and on appeal to the County Court; the case took over two years from the date of the incident until final hearing before the County Court, as it was adjourned by the Court and Prosecution on three occasions; due to a lot of hard work by QC and our lawyers, we subpoenaed a lot of material, including important phone records, “000” recordings, which helped prove our client’s defence.  Ultimately, in December, 2018, he was found not guilty of the assault and awarded his legal costs.
  • Achieved a generous payout for a middle management client without the need to commence court proceedings, who had been subject to bullying and harassment in the workplace over a period of two years.
  • Achieved a six figure settlement for a client in a sexual harassment case against their employer without the need to commence court proceedings, fairly characterised as similar to claims in the #MeToo movement.
  • Acting for a #MeToo victim of sexual harassment and bullying working for a major US/international company, and achieving a generous payout based on sexual harassment, bullying, including exposure to illicit substance abuse at work functions.
  • Acting on behalf of an employee Applicant in a Federal Circuit Court General Protections proceeding to obtain 100% of lost wages and additional compensation through mediation which was equivalent to more than one year of the Applicant’s salary.
  • Acting for a Business Unit Manager in a claim against their not-for-profit employer that they had been bullied, and had adverse action taken against them because of complaints lodged internally, and achieved a six month settlement package (plus benefits) for the employee whose employment was no longer tenable due to the breakdown in the relationship
  • Acting for an employee/claimant in an employment/insolvency matter recovering 100% of all outstanding employee entitlements.
  • Acting for an applicant in a Supreme Court of Victoria million dollar confiscation proceeding that was subject to a forfeiture application by the Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police and obtaining a six figure settlement through negotiation.
  • Acting for an applicant in a Supreme Court of Victoria confiscation proceeding successfully recovering 100% of the restrained residential home that was subject to a forfeiture application by the Commissioner of Victoria Police.
  • Representing a client who was subjected to forms of bullying and harassment to effectively handle their resignation by negotiating a six month payout of their contract with their employer without the time and expense of having to resort to formal legal proceedings.
  •  Acting for a senior manager to successfully defend numerous allegations brought against them by their employer threatening summary dismissal. Not only were we able to refute the allegations, we were able to negotiate a positive exit package for the employee who subsequently resigned after deciding to leave the organisation for an alternative position.
  • Acting for a senior consultant to successfully reclaim significant commission monies owed to them from a previous employer who refused payment. Having regard to the commercial realities of the situation, we were able to strategically negotiate the outcome based on the client’s instructions with minimal fuss.